Variations on a Scone (Part 1) – Kayak’s Café (Skinker-DeBaliviere, St. Louis)

Lemon Raspberry Scone (on the right)

Before reviewing this scone, two things should be made clear.  First, I ate the two scones reviewed in part 1 and 2 sequentially, beginning with the Lemon Raspberry scone.  This is simply an unacceptable methodology, as it skews the results, and, therefore, this approach will never be repeated from now on.  Second, I have a long history with these scones.  Hence, lofty expectations abound.  Let’s see how the first scone holds up.

The formula for this scone has clearly changed since I last enjoyed it mere months ago.  The glorious crunch of the outside remains, but it is quite literally inundated with sugar.  One cannot consume this much sugar regularly, diminishing my desire to return to this scone in the future.  Moving on, the scone is of tremendous size and the insides are exceptionally soft.  There are raspberry seeds interspersed, but the flavor is lacking.  One expects fruit chunks with scones, and it is impossible to ignore that there are none.

The sugariness of this scone turns each bite into a devilish guilty pleasure.  Yet, like all guilty pleasures, this scone is followed by serious regret.




Comment Dit-On “Pretty Good”? – Bonjour Cafe Bakery (Hyde Park, Chicago)

Lemon Scone

From the outset, I can tell that this is going to be a decent scone.  The crunch is readily apparent by the scone’s exterior.  At first, the lemon flavoring seems merely subtle, but, then, it quickly becomes unmistakable that the scone lacks even a scintilla of lemon flavor.  Disregarding this perturbing fact, the inside of the scone is satisfyingly dense.  There is adequate sweetness dispersed throughout and the overall size is acceptable.

It is evidently a quality pastry with an absolutely great texture.  Sadly, it is also devoid of any flavor.



The Crab Cake of Scones – Z&H MarketCafe (Hyde Park, Chicago)

Cranberry Orange Scone

If I first need to ask if a scone is a scone, something is likely amiss.  The outside is soft to the touch with minimal hardness, preparing me for the inevitable lack of crunch that I am to experience with the first bite.  The innards are quite dense, but the distribution of cranberries is consistent.  No outwardly visible sugar, but you can taste it in the scone.  Still, the sweetness is off, almost as if it’s too sugary.  

Nonetheless, it’s certainly passable, if unspectacular.